Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) for industry and transport

Established in 1989, Kaucon Oy specialises in manufacturing UN-approved IBCs for the food and chemical industries, as well as to meet environmental and transport requirements.

“Kaucon aims at economically balancing the requirements of society and the environment. Customer satisfaction together with employer and social responsibility are major themes. Our central values are skill, hard work, and care for the future.”

—Asko Mertanen, Managing Director, Kaucon Oy.  


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Foodstuff Containers

The foodstuffs industry has a wide range of requirements for bulk storage and transport. Containers must be easy to use and clean, and absolutely hygienic. In addition mixing, heating or cooling may also be required.

Chemical containers

There is a whole range of regulations and recommendations regarding the transportation and storage of chemicals which may, for example, vaporise or be corrosive. Temperature control requirements can demand thermal insulation. 

Hazardous Waste Containers

Our solid waste containers are designed to meet the requirements for Group 2 and 3 containers for the storage and transportation of dangerous and hazardous solid waste. The whole process from collection through transportation to final handling is taken into account in developing our range of containers. 

Approved inspector for IBCs

Kaucon provides maintenance services for IBC containers. We are Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) -approved inspectors for compulsory IBC maintenance and inspect both Kaucon and other manufacturers’ IBCs. IBCs can be sent to us or alternatively our representative is available to customers on-site.

"Creative solutions, that’s our job! New problems require new solutions. It’s in situations like this that we are at our best, meeting the demands of chemists, drivers and the environment, while not forgetting safety requirements and development generally."

Asko Mertanen, Managing Director, Kaucon Oy


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