Kaucon – IBCs to meet your needs

Established in 1989, Kaucon is based at the Uuro Industrial Estate, Kontiolahti, North Karelia, just off National Highway 6.

In our early years the company concentrated on production of liquid waste containers, later expanding into plastic and solid waste containers.

Manufacture of containers specifically for hazardous waste began when transportation requirements demanded official type-approval.

Kaucon has developed its own range of containers since 1989, working in close co-operation with chemical and food industry, waste disposal plants and waste collection companies.

This ongoing practical co-operation has contributed to our product development and improved cost efficiency and environmental strategy.

The care for the environment and safety are the keystones in our operations. Our product development is in full accordance with the UN’s “Orange Book” ("Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods") and other relevant regulations, like Health & Safety at work. 

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